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Commercial Moving Check List

Get Input

Get input from the following departments before the move.

  • Administration
  • Department Head
  • General Staff Members

Complete Walk Through

Complete walk through of existing and new location

  • Prepare list of what is moving
  • Confirm special Move requirements
  • Confirm access requirements for both locations (elevator, loading area, parking etc.)
  • Discuss anticipated move date and schedule

Create Schedule

Establish Activity Schedule

  • Develop move strategy – sequence and timing of each department/group
  • Plan how to maintain essential business activities on move day
  • Establish packing and labeling plan – coordinate with new layout
  • Include schedule for de-install, move, and reinstall of all equipment and furniture or delivery and installation of new


Telephone Service Requirements

  • Determine requirements (if new equipment)
  • Select vendor – place order
  • Cable
  • De-install/reinstall new
  • Test

Computer and Internet

Data / Computer

  • Determine requirements (if adding new equipment)
  • Cable / internet access
  • De-install equipment
  • Reinstall/test equipment


Furniture – Free Standing

  • Determine requirements (if adding new equipment)
  • Designate items for painting refinishing
  • Delivery and installation schedule

Complex Furniture

Furniture – Systems

  • Determine Requirements (if adding new equipment)
  • Inventory existing pieces
  • Determine reconfiguration requirements including specifications
  • Disposition of Existing Equipment and Furniture
  • Arrange for the sale and removal of selected equipment and furniture
Packing Boxes

Actual Move

Move Preparation / Move

  • Move committees review schedule and activities with each department / group
  • Post employees move schedule
  • Distribute move materials and supplies
  • Move
  • Mover pick up empty boxes

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